He Wants to Approach You – He Just Needs This from You First…

What I show you in this video could easily mean the difference between you meeting your future partner, or spending a lifetime complaining you never meet anybody special. Matthew: I remember being in New York in a bar and making eyes with this person for an hour. And as she was walking out, an hour […]

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5 Thoughts

On not exercising I can count on one hand how many times I’ve gone out and intentionally moved my body in a structured way over the past couple months. I can’t even tell you the last time I went this long without structured movement. Postpartum was my longest period at about 7 weeks. Maybe I’ve […]

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Easy Yoga Poses For Two People – Beginners Guide To Couples Yoga

‘Easy Yoga Poses For Two People – Beginners Guide To Couples Yoga’ – Monica May   You don’t really have to be an expert in yoga to try it out with a partner. In fact, these 12 fun yoga poses for two people are so easy, anyone can do them. Even if you are a […]

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How To Become A Remote Medical Coder: From Getting Started To Getting Hired

So, you want to become a remote medical coder? It certainly is an in-demand profession that also happens to pay well. In fact, a CNBC survey found there were far MORE remote medical coder jobs than there are trained professionals to fill them. In other words, if you want a remote career path that has […]

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We don’t realise how much we missed ourselves until we’re out of the painful situation

Each time I come out of a relationship or situation where, consciously or not, I’ve sought validation, I’m always relieved. Sure, in the immediate aftermath, that relief might be mixed in with hurt and anger, but I focus on the release from the anxiety and distress that I experienced. My inner self breathes a great big sigh of […]

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