He Wants to Approach You – He Just Needs This from You First…

What I show you in this video could easily mean the difference between you meeting your future partner, or spending a lifetime complaining you never meet anybody special.


I remember being in New York in a bar and making eyes with this person for an hour. And as she was walking out, an hour later, she literally looked over and she went [shrugs and waves]. That was enough. Because then I went, “Wait,” and then I started to make my way over. That little moment where she did that, was what meant that we talked.

You know the number of times… Think in your life the number of times you were one hair away from not meeting someone that ended up being in your life. We have people in social environments looking down at their phone instead of up at who’s in the room. That’s what most people do. They go out, they sit down at a table that eliminates their presence from the room.

Guys are the same. Guys are walking around this like they’re James Bond all the time. They walk into a room like this. We’re all being too fucking cool. It might be worth making it a little more obvious you’d like them to do something. Just walking past the guy and smiling when you like him is the difference much of the time between him doing something and doing nothing.

Audience Member:

I followed Matthew’s advice because I’m an extrovert when I’m with my girlfriends, but when I’m with anyone else I’m all shy. And I started talking to people and I just became so much more confident. I had way better dates, way better experiences. I met heaps more people. My life has amped up a million percent. I can’t even explain how much.


My why is I think that I think we’re incredibly lonely. The world is lonely, isn’t it? Life is lonely. The world is lonely. It’s like drinking a coffee in the morning and have nothing to do with all of that energy because you know you want to give it to someone. You know you have so much more to give than what you’re giving right now because you have no object to direct it towards.

Life is just this big video game. The way we play video games is we really explore in the game. We go through different doors, we talk to different people, we go to different areas. We collect gold coins over here, over here. We really explore the world. We play the hell out of the game.

What if your life was a video game and there’s, just in Melbourne tonight alone, there’s just thousands of characters you can talk to in that video game? And all of them has a different story and all of them has something different to teach you or you to teach them? If we started seeing our life like that, like the best video game that was ever created and we’re actually in it, we would live with a whole different intensity.

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