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Kelsey Wells Reveals the 2 Most Common Strength Training Misconceptions Among Women

If you’ve been following my fitness journey, you know that I am passionate about weight training. I created my PWR workout programs, available in the Sweat app, because weight-training was my biggest tool for self-empowerment and I wanted to help other women empower themselves through fitness, like I did. It is incredible to see so […]

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My Back Fat Workout (2020) – How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Fat

‘My Back Fat Workout (2020) – How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Fat’ – Monica May   You know that annoying thing on your back that looks like bra bulge? It’s called back fat and yes, we all hate it! If you’ve noticed it, and you’re not happy about it, I bet you’re dying […]

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Mom’s Spa Night Away to Mirbeau Inn & Spa

For Christmas, Nick got me a night away from him and the boys at Mirbeau Inn & Spa. We were in the midst of sleep training Tommy and I dearly need some extra shut eye. It was such a thoughtful gift and totally unexpected. So finally my sister and I found a weekend that worked […]

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Easy Yoga Poses For Two People – Beginners Guide To Couples Yoga

‘Easy Yoga Poses For Two People – Beginners Guide To Couples Yoga’ – Monica May   You don’t really have to be an expert in yoga to try it out with a partner. In fact, these 12 fun yoga poses for two people are so easy, anyone can do them. Even if you are a […]

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Postpartum Fitness: 5 Moves to Avoid!

I teach a Mommy + Me workout class in Boston once a week and my favorite thing is talking to all the new mommas about how THEY are doing. I asked everyone to share a personal win this week and at first they were silent with nothing at all. “Surely, you all had something new???” […]

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