About Us


Update November 2020

NOTE: Since politicians reactions to/handling of Covid has effectively destroyed businesses and jobs for many millions of folks around the world…… with little/no chance of return, finding a new way to make a few dollars is the single biggest request we get, so we have switched our emphasis to this, by getting expert posts from a long established Pro in the business:  https://www.julianswebb.com/

We hope it helps, please stay positive and know that you will get through.

Hi, this website was started by “3 Happy Hopefuls”  Jan, Linda & Deb, who realised one day how lucky we were that if we felt down for whatever reason, (and boy we know all too well there’s plenty sometimes!)  we usually had someone who could give any of the others a boost.

Talking to other girls we soon got it that a lot of you don’t have this………….. so we thought let’s make a website that anyone can come to and hopefully find something that lifts up you when you’re down, gives you a smile etc etc

We hope you find something that does and if you do pass it round or feel free to give out our website address

There’s also direct links to Womens eBook stores up top with more in depth posts & articles on the right,  browse and enjoy,  after all that’s what life’s supposed to be about……….. enjoying it

We’re not too good at answering email but will get back to you if you message us

Love & Happiness to you ALL