The Best Home Decor Direct Sales Businesses

We all want our homes to look beautiful, and due to HGTV, decorating is all the rage. If you love interior design and want to make money from home — there are many home decor direct sales businesses that will allow you to earn an income on your own terms. Plus, you’ll get home decor […]

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How to Become a Successful Work-at-Home Grant Writer

If you like to write or have any journalism or digital content experience, there are plenty of different freelance writing opportunities you can take advantage of. For someone who’s good at doing research and is looking to help companies grow and make a difference, I’d highly recommend getting into grant writing. Grant writing is quite […]

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Kelsey Wells Reveals the 2 Most Common Strength Training Misconceptions Among Women

If you’ve been following my fitness journey, you know that I am passionate about weight training. I created my PWR workout programs, available in the Sweat app, because weight-training was my biggest tool for self-empowerment and I wanted to help other women empower themselves through fitness, like I did. It is incredible to see so […]

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Podcast Ep. 173: It’s Time To Talk About Stonewalling

I want to spend several episodes doing a deep dive into communication in our intimate relationships. The first was #170 about conflict and the five stages of relationships. In this week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, it’s time to talk about stonewalling. I break down what it is and why we do it, stonewalling […]

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My Back Fat Workout (2020) – How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Fat

‘My Back Fat Workout (2020) – How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Fat’ – Monica May   You know that annoying thing on your back that looks like bra bulge? It’s called back fat and yes, we all hate it! If you’ve noticed it, and you’re not happy about it, I bet you’re dying […]

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